The Volcano Spice Story

Chef Kev’s cooking background and love for flavorful food began in the backyard with his father, known as: the king of the BBQ in his hometown of Melbourne, Florida… At the age of 15 Kevin began working in casual and fine dining restaurants from Texas to south Florida, the East Coast, California, the Caribbean, Central and South America, Alaska & Maui… With 20 years’ experience in many varied cooking styles Kevin began blending spices in the early 80’s, at the time Cajun cooking exploded onto the culinary scene… He moved to Maui in 1986 to practice his profession and sport (surfing)… While working in four of Maui’s top restaurants and with his passion for exotic spicy & flavorful foods well established… The Volcano Spice Company was born in 1991 and has been Kevin’s creative flavor outlet on the island of Maui ever since. 

His son (John Wayne) is carrying on in the ways of creating new ideas and flavors in the tradition of: VOLCANO SPICE GOURMET SEASONINGS