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Maui Cooking Tips:

Volcano Spice invites you to be the chef! Be creative and have fun cooking with Aloha.

unnamed-1-300x300 Cooking Tips etcWhy not try a new flavor every month? (I still use every one of them myself). I’ll never tire of hearing 
testimonies from customers telling me of how they have enjoyed getting together with
Their friends and family; creating great meals and having fun cooking with my Volcano Spice Blends.

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unnamed-244x300 Cooking Tips etc
Original Volcano Spice blends will enhance  yet not overpower the  natural  flavor of your favorite foods.

Excellent for any cooking style; they may be applied as rubs before cooking, and/or added during cooking.
Use them as a table spice for yet another layer of flavor.

Consider the suggestions provided on each label and enjoy an “Eruption of Flavors.”